Healthy Community, LLC is working in partnership with The City of Jackson to:
  • Vitalize Jackson’s Center City core with new residential, commercial, retail and wellness services.
  • Form connections among Midtown, Downtown, surrounding neighborhoods, and area anchors.
  • Apply urban design to develop a desired, viable community, serving as model & catalyst for more revitalization.
  • Promote wellness as both economic & community development strategy, creating the environment and providing the tools for healthy living.

The full potential of redevelopment is strengthened by the ecology of the neighborhood. The sense of being alive and thriving positively reflects the positive reliance of people, community assets and amenities.

The heartland of downtown Center City

Discover Downtown

Full of vibrant life and rich in culture, Healthy Community is enthusiastic to be part of Downtown Jackson’s revitalization. This renaissance community is infused by new development to spur vitality. Perhaps you may live, work, or play in downtown Jackson, or experience a combination of all three. You will fall in love with how Healthy Community creates a lifestyle community in which it is easy to do all three.

Downtown Jackson is the oldest and most historic part of the City. Native American Indians once lived on the now settled city. Davy Crockett served as a congressman and made his departing farewell speech on the courthouse steps. Nearby educational institutions were established. Agriculture, industrial and transportation development signaled the bold beginnings of prosperity for community and economic development.

Part of the attraction of a Healthy Community is the neighborhood amenities. The area is also home to an array of visual and performing arts organizations, galleries, museums, theatre, a professional symphony, and a variety of live music venues. Assorted dining options add flavor to the neighborhood. The Downtown Farmer’s Market provides year-round fresh selections. Jackson’s Amp at the Market provides residents free music performances throughout the year. Also, LANA’s Downtown Dog Park is a popular amenity for our pet friendly community.