Hal Crocker President and CEO of Crocker Construction Company and HCB Development


HCB Development Corporation has developed, owns outright and/or in partnership a combination of residential, retail, and commercial/industrial properties in Jackson and the Hub City area. In addition, HCB Development manages/markets just under a million square feet of industrial property and over 100,000 square feet of office and/or retail space. In addition to development and real estate management services, HCB Development offers, thru its construction management partner Crocker Construction Company, a full range of construction and maintenance services.

Crocker Construction is a committed member of the downtown Jackson community. After the devastating tornado in 2003, Crocker Construction Company actively assisted businesses and organizations with plans for rebuilding and refurbishing damaged property in the downtown and East Jackson areas damaged by the storm’s path. The projects were numerous. The results have been gratifying.

Applying their “team build” approach, Crocker Construction works with each client directly, involves the appropriate design professionals, and brings in the expertise each project requires to meet the client’s needs and expectations on cost, functionality, and aesthetics. The key difference is that all contributors are part of the team. All are involved in the process as the budget and the design are developed concurrently and all commit to making it successful. Decisions are based on the best value, rather than the cheapest price. The team build concept produces a win-win situation for everyone concerned.

A relevant project is the post 2008 tornado restoration of The New Southern Hotel, Jackson, Tennessee.